Sharpening Station

Sharpening Station

I recently purchased a granite surface plate. For those of you unfamiliar with this product it is a machined block of granite with a surface that is perfectly flat within .0001 of an inch. This makes it a perfect surface to use for sharpening using the Scary Sharp system (sandpaper based sharpening system). Also my wife bought me a new Veritas Mark II honing guide. Well I determined I needed a sharpening station to keep everything together and to protect the granite plate. Here is the results.

So here is the finished station all closed up ready for storage or transportation. The center box holds and protects the granite plate. The lid is fully removeable and held in place with two draw latches. The two side boxes which hole equipment and supplies have slide in lids that are secured with the male half of a bullet latch.

Here is a picture with the covers off. asl you can see with the center lid removed the granite block is proud of the box by about 1/2" this allows ease of use without having to worry about interference by the box. The inside of the box and the lip are finished with minwax finishing wax to keep the water used in the sharpening process from affecting the box. The box holds the granite plate securely and the plate can only be removed by losening the screws on the box.

I am using the left side of the box to store the honing guides and other sharpening tools. The guide shown here is the new Veritas guide my wife got me for christmas. The material used to protect and separate the pieces is not styrofoam but medium density polyethelene. MDP is a very tough packing material used to ship large weighty objects and objects with sharp edges. This makes it perfect of this application as ic can be cut slightly oversized and once squeezed in to box will stay in place.

I am using the right side to store my sandpaper. For sharpening I use wet or dry automotive sand paper. The paper comes in 1/3 sheet stips that fit in the box nicely. For some of the other lower grit papers I have to use when sharpening a refurbished iron of chisel the first time the paper has to be cut to fit in the box.

I have attached a handle to the station to allow for easy carrying. You may notice that the handle is not centered on the station. It is cenetered on the granite block because with its weight it is the center of gravity for the station.

Well now that this is done I can get back to sharpening my tools.