International-Standard Rollerball

The Schmidt-brand #888 Rollerball refill utilizes a ceramic ball and quailty German liquid ink to produce a very smooth writing experience, almost like writing with a fine fountain pen. With its advanced liquid ink technology, this refill is suitable for use in applications with significant cap-off time (e.g., capless rollerballs), and will not dry out for a full year, yet the ink will dry on the page almost immediately. Available in black or blue.

Parker-Style Ball Point

Available in a variety of colors from most office supply stores and many of the other department stores. This refill can be found in fine and medium and broad points

Parker-Style Gel Ink

These refills can be used to replace the standard Parker ball point refills. They lay down a quantity of ink similar to a rollerball cartridge, and with much less drag on the page than a conventional ballpoint. This reill can be found in a variety of colors from most office supply stores.

Cross-Style Ball Point