Inlace Acrylester

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Bronze and Orange Bronze & Violet Crushed Yellow * Deep Purple *
Crushed Cranberry * Sparkle Gold * Bronze Violet
Red Russet * Crushed Mud Golden Black * Golden Orange
Aqua Golden Red * Pink Red Pearl
Golden Gray * Blue Pearl Blue Crushed Silver
Ocean Mist * Red Russet and Gold Black and Violet Molten Metal *
Black and White White Pearl Mauve Corale Black Olive
Pink Sky * Golden Violet Patriotic Swirl * Pretty Blue
Dyna Blue Cherries Jubilee * Froggy Burgandy Black and Gold
Green and Gold Blue and Gold * Bronze and Gold Holiday Swirl
Black Peacock Violet and Pink Tangerine and Gold * Copper
Antique Gold* Champions*    

Acrylic Acetate

Doodles* Raspberry Swirl * Breaking Waves Midnight Black Starlight
Area 51 Jade Green Cats Eye Ruby Red Swirl
Deep Blue Fleck