The Yard Sale Report

As anyone who knows me can attest I am always looking for a great deal. As part of my ongoing quest for cool stuff at an outrageously good prices I go out every weekend as weather permits and shop the local yard sales. I have told some people about some of the great deals I find at yard sales and they are always surprised about what I find and the prices I get it for. So I decided to start a weekly yard sale report. This lets me show what kinds of stuff you can find at yard sales and also lets me gloat a little over the deals I find

So every Friday I log on to the New London Day and the Norwich Bulletin websites and look over the yard sales. I pick out all the sales in my immediate area (Ledyard, Gales Ferry and parts of Norwich) and cherry pick the sales listing tools from the surrounding areas and put them in a word document sorting the yard sales by starting time. I print out a copy to take with me and email copies to the people who sometimes go along. Saturday I am up at 6:30am and get ready to go. I check the map to verify the location of the first yard sale of the day and am usually on the road no later than 7:30am. This is actually the hard part for people who want to go along most of them have a hard time getting up early enough to be at my house by 7:00am Depending on the number of sales and what I find I will be out until 11 or 12.

I have a few rules I pass on those people who are interested.

  1. The primary rule to keep in mind is "They will always take less"
  2. Always be friendly and polite. Once you identify the person or person hosting the sale be sure to say "good morning" and when you are done be sure to say "thank you" and "have a nice day" even if you didn't find anything.
  3. Pick up the things you would like to make a deal on as you browse but look at everything before you try to make a deal.
  4. Ask for a price on everything as a group and have a price in mind before you ask.
  5. If they will not make a deal say "Thanks anyway, have a nice day" and leave. Too many people get their teeth in an item and will not let go even when they can't get a deal and end up paying too much.

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