September 24th 2005

This saturday was a phenomenal day for yard sales. Pete and Shelly came along this week and the good stuff started with the second Yard Sale. I Picked up the following items there.

The Dewalt Router below With all the accessories included Cost me $15

The Bosch Jigsaw with case and a large number of blades for $15

All of the items in the picture below including the milk crate I gathered them up in cost me $10. This includes 2 Pony 3/4" pipe clamps, 2 F-body bar clamps, 6 Quick Grip Clamps of various sizes, a dewalt quick change driver set, a English made Stanley hand plane and the contents of the organizer bin in the upper right corner. The bin had quite a few router bits as will as extra collets for the dewalt router and other useful router tools.

On to another sale. This sale really wasn't a yard sale. It was more of a weekend business. A husband and wife selling antiques. The husband had several partial hand planes (All missing major parts) that he was asking waaay too much for. But he did have the woodworking vise below for $25. I managed to talk him down to $20 and I considered that a good deal.

Last but not least I managed to pick of the following stuff for $6. The plane in the picture is an old shelton plane. I just picked it up because of the unique depth adjustment mechanism.

Definitely a good day.