August 27th 2005

This was a pretty good week again. This week my freinds Pete and Shelly decided to come along and we had a pretty good time. I did learn one thing though NEVER let Shelly be the navigator We were out for quite a while this staurday. We finally got back to the house at Noon with all of our treasures. This week we found quite a number of books. I picked up 12 and sheely picked up 5 one of the ones I picked up was a hardcover harry potter for $0.20. In addition I picked up a craftsman 3 x 21 belt sander for $5 and pete picked a large grinder for $4. The best find of the day are the 2 wooden molding planes shown below. I managed to pick these up for $20. I have not yet determined the manufacturer and date on these but I am still investigaing.