August 13th 2005

Well this was another pretty good week. One unusual thing this week was the lack of power tools at any of the yard sales. We only saw a few and we hit about 15 sales. The reason i say we is that my friend Vanessa showed up to go yard saling this week. She had a good time and in fact found the deal of the day. She picked up a 6' wooden step ladder of $0.25. Yep that right just a bright shiny new quarter. This ladder was in excellent shape too. She also picked up some hand tools and a few other things. After this day I think she will be back on a regular basis.

Well as to me I picked up the 2 stanley block planes (#110 and #120) and a stanley spoke shave (#151) shown below for $13.


I have some ceiling fans I have needed to put back up in the basement since I finished the ceiling but I wanted to paint the blades white before I did well when I found the fan below for $8 at a yard sales I snapped it up. This will save me some time and work.

In addition I also found some decent cabinet hardware a bunch of brass screws, some guide bushings for a craftsman router, a shovel and a few books. All in all a very good week.