August 12th 2006

The weather was beautiful this weekend and there were plenty of yard sales. We a full crew this week with Patti, Vanessa and Justin along.

We stopped at big yard sale in Groton - they had tons of stuff including a large amount of furniture. We picked up the CD holders show below for Patti's mother. She has a huge collection of CDs so we are always on the lookout for CD storage. I am not sure what Patti paid for these as they were included in the pile of stuff Vanessa and Justin bought. You can find the list of stuff Vanessa and Justin picked up this week HERE.

At that same yard sale I picked up this table for $20. It is an oval table in pretty good shape with 3 leaves (installed in the pictures below). This makes a nice table in the basement as it can be setup with out the leaves for a small group and will comfortably handle 8 people with the leaves.

At another small yard sale, I came across these two items. A very nice 5 drawer jewelry box with a section for hanging necklaces and slots for rings. The other item is the complete first season of Monk - still in the shrink wrap. I managed to pick them both up for a total of $5.

We went to a yard sale in Preston where I picked up the items below. I was actually only interested in two of the squares and the light, but the gentleman running the sale insisted I take the other items also at no additional cost.

At that same yard sale, Patti made what was probably the best deal of the day. She picked up the weight bench, all the weights and the accessories for a grand total of $10.