August 7th 2005

Well after last week I was hoping that this week would be a better week. I guess I should qualify that I got good deals last week but no really great deals. There were a lot of yard sales in the papers this week that looked good. So I headed off at 7:30am with high hopes. Then there I was at 9:30am having visited several yard sales and having spent only $0.60. Now the money was well spent. I managed to get 2 pairs of safety glasses, 4 packs of lead for use in my compass, and an unused abrasive cleaning stick but no really outstanding finds. So I headed off to the next yard sale. The ad for this one looked good so I could hope. Of course the ads for the ones I visited looked good too. Well I got there and it lived up to the ad. I found the following things.

This ryobi cordless set for $20 with a charger and one battery. When this kit was sold it went for $199 and it would still cost almost that to buy the items in the kit.

This porter cable 4gal 2hp pancake compressor for $40 The gentleman had it marked for $50 but I offered $40. He accepted so fast I regretted not offering $30

And this Ingersoll Rand air drill for $5.

He also had a 6hp 60 gallon air compressor but I was afraid to ask the price with the prices he was asking he would probably have offered it for a price I could not refuse and I already have a compressor like that one.

Well that yard sale turned things around. The next one I visited had quite a few things for free. Including this vintage stanley hand drill.

I also bought some books and a magnifying work light at the same yard sale. I only stopped at one more yard sale that day. All picked up there were a pair of tin snips. That sale also had 3 3/8" corded drills including a bosch as well as 4 1/2 sheet sanders. They were asking $10 a piece but I am pretty sure I could have picked them up for $5 a piece if I wanted but I have enough hand drills and sanders.