August 5th 2006

The weather was beautiful this week and there were plenty of yard sales. What more could you ask for? Justin and Vanessa both came along this time and once you get over the fact that they bicker like an old married couple, we had a good time.

I found this at one of the first yard sales. They were asking $3 for the entire tub. I was only really interested in the clamps so I offered them $2 for everything and they said yes.

I bought these for $5. One of the planes is a Stanley #110 block plane; the other is just a generic block plane.

I picked this fluorescent fixture up for a dollar. I am now deciding if it will go in the laundry room or the shop.

I paid $3 for these. The fluorescent lights are 24" fixtures and they are already mounted over the corner workbench in the shop. The power supply was the real find. I have been looking for a decent 12VDC power supply to use in my electrolysis process and it was a steal for a dollar.

Okay, before anyone gets too excited, the DVD cases are all empty and I knew that when I bought them. I picked all of the cases and the tub they are in (with a lid no less) for $2.

Patti had mentioned wanting one of these so when I found it for a dollar, I could not pass it up. For those of you not familiar with this appliance it is a Braun Handheld blender. You can use it to make smoothies right in the glass amongst other uses.

I picked these tray tables for $1 - actually beat Vanessa to the punch. Maybe I can sell them to her for $2 and make a little profit.

At the same yard sale I picked this dresser for $3.

Now I have to mention I don't pick these dressers up to use in the house for clothes storage. I pick them up for the shop. You always need more storage and flat surfaces for benchtop tools and these dressers are perfect for this - espicially for the price.

Not a bad day for only $18. Keep an eye on the yard sale report section of the forums for reports from Vanessa and Justin.