July 29th 2006

This week's yard sale report is brought to you by my wife Patti. The truck was full by the time we were finished as you can see from the picture below. Basically my part in all this was just to carry and load, oh also to pay . I did pick up a few things, but most of the stuff you see here is Patti and Vanessa's.


Here goes nothing - my first (and hopefully only) yard sale report.

I made Don pay $8 for the 2 items below. The CD rack holds 160 single CDs and 20 doubles - and it spins too. We tend to pick up these CD racks for my mom who has a HUGE collection of CDs - just trying to help keep her organized.

I couldn't pass up the white end table when I saw it. Since Don would like me to spend some time in the shop with him (I am the muscle), I thought that this would be a nice project for me. The piece has many, many layers of paint on it, but should clean up easily and will make a nice bedside table when it is complete.

I am a sucker for a cheap candle. For some reason this week I also was addicted to glass jars with sealed lids. Total cost for all was less than $2.

Did I mention that I really like candles? The picture below shows most of the purchases at a single yard sale. The movie was all Don - I don't watch horror movies. The 2 plastic bags in the front row are cool visor clips that hold sunglasses - never opened.

The set of cordial glasses in the middle of the picture are actually from Lenox. Don't look too hard, these might end up as someone's Christmas gift. The best price I could find online for these (not Ebay) was $23.94.

The 2 candle sets were the best deals. Both sets are Party Lite merchandise (think in home candle parties similar to Pampered Chef). On the left is a 8" tall 3 wick candle and hefty candle stand. The candle was lit at one point, but probably only for a few minutes. According to the company's website this candle should burn for 250+ hours (& smell great while on fire). Although the company doesn't list prices online, Vanessa has hosted these candle parties and says the big candle likely sells for $20ish and the base could easily be another $20. The candle set on the right is a bit more interesting. The glass base with a tiered glass foot was only available as a hostess gift and sold for about $54 according to people selling the same item on Ebay. In addition, the three candles might set me back another $20 (prices still to be verified via a Party Lite catalog).

Originaly all this likely cost $150+ --- yard sale deal $10.

BTW - there was no candy in the stacked candy dish - Don checked.

We almost didn't make the trek to the next yard sale - a little out of the way, but it was early in the day and Don thought he would find some tools there. He didn't buy a single thing, but this is what I got.

Funky sunflower covered padded box - Don said he could make some stackable trays for the inside to hold my sewing/needlepoint supplies (I might own sewing stuff - doesn't mean I sew alot). Cute gift basket with bath items and 5 new jar candles. The lady at this yard sale ran a country/candle store and was selling inventory. The candle with the tassel originally sold for $12 on it's own.

The deal at this yard sale was the large white dish. I originally picked it up since it was an unusual piece and would be nice for serving a pasta dish or big roast - but when I turned it over I knew it was going home with me. It is actually a Pamper Chef piece. Vanessa and I figured out that it was from the company's Simple Additions line of dishware. Called the "large bowl" (go figure since it is square), it sells for $35 on the PC website.

At this sale, Vanessa bought a copy of Upwords as part of the deal. Again all this for $10.

When I saw the books at the next yardsale, I picked out just a few to take home. I knew I already owned/read some of them, but before I knew it, Don had a box and I took them all. Came out to about 19 cents each and they are all mass market paperbacks that we can sell to the Book Barn for 33 cents credit apiece. The 2 books at the end of the top row.....hardback Sue Grafton "S is for Silence" is a definte keeper for my set of Grafton's alphabet series and Tom Clancy's "SSN" is actually a trade paperback. If Don doesn't want to keep this, the Book Barn pays more for trade paperbacks. Cha-ching!

Oh yeah - the green bag above all the books is actually a folding camping chair - Don's purchase at 50 cents - believe it or not he paid the full asking price on this selection. I almost had to lay down to recover from that news.

The haul below was a deal Don actually made. This was from a pop-up yard sale that we stopped at on a whim. At this sale Vanessa tried to pay for her selections and the lady just told her to take them.

Don and I were just poking around looking when the lady said "I will make you a deal" as she got up from her chair. I responded that it would be a hell of a deal if she was getting up to explain it. We were standing in front of her collection of candles and candle accessories at the time. She said - "I will give you all the candles, toppers, holders, etc for $10". Since it was a scorcher of a day, the pillar candles were actually melting in the heat so I wasn't planning on taking her up on the deal. That is when Don spoke up and said if she threw in the large Rubbermaid tote & lid, he would take the deal. Funny there was more discussion about which tub he could have than about the candles, but then when the large tubs are $10 apiece you don't argue. So home went lots of candles (pillars, jars, tea lights, potpourri tarts), several ceramic lamp shades for jar candles and 2 very cool silver votive holders with beaded lamp shades (in the back on either side of the box - one has the shade off). Upon further inspection at home, it turns out most of the lamp shades & holders were purchased from Yankee Candle and the price tags said they were about $8 apiece.

Note to self: have Vanessa hold your selections is you want a shot at getting something for nothing.

Don again. Well I don't want you to think I did not find anything this week - I did manage to find a couple of things.

I picked up this solid oak filing cabinet for $2. It needs a little work, but is in very good condition otherwise.

I also picked up this Phillips surround sound receiver for $20 and a matching Phillips DVD player for $10. They are the bottom two items in this stack. We sold our DVD player to our friend Justin who couldn't join us this week, but had been patiently waiting to find one at a yardsale. It will be happy in its new home.