July 23rd 2005

Another decent day for yard sales. For a while in the morning I didn't think it was going to be good for tools. I almost thought the picture I would be putting on the site would be of a pile of towels. I am always on the lookout for towels for the shop and as hand towels to keep by the deep sink. Well I cam across a lady that was getting rid of quite a few towels. I managed to get 13 hand towels and 16 bath towels for $5 and all of these towels are in excellent condition. I may just use them to replace some of the older towels in our bathroom and retire the old towels to the shop. Well just when I figured I would be getting no tools this day I managed to find these at the last yard sale of the day.

There are three pneumatic rotary tools, an air regulator air filter and lubricator. Two of the tools are your basic made in china tools but one is an ingersoll-rand. Of the air control unit the only I really needed was the filter but I already have in mind a use for the regulator. Well these all cost me a grand total of $20 and so this turned out to be a good day.