July 22nd 2006

Again this weekend we ranged a lttle farther from home than in previous weeks. We hit Uncasville, Niantic, East Lyme and Old Lyme. There were not as many yard sales due the the threat of rain. We still managed to hit quite a few and I managed to pick up some good stuff..

I have been in need of a new computer case and at the first yard sale I found this case

It is an Antec SLK3800B with a 400w power supply. The case had a small dent in the top which I popped out with my hand and needed a couple of bezel clips glued back on. 10 minutes of work and I have a brand new case. The case had never been used because of the shipping damage. I paid $20 for it and when I checked the price online from NewEgg it sells for $90 +$20 shipping.

I picked up 6 DVDs for $5. These are the titles I picked up.

The War At Home
Halloween 25th Anniversary Ed.
Pin Floyd The Wall
To Live And Die In L. A
Apocalypse Now Redux

I picked up all of the following at a moving sale in Niantic

Top row

Craftsman brace, set of stanley bits, North Bros. #41 Yankee Push Drill, Miller Falls #670 Yankee screwdriver, Stanley #66 Marking Gauge. Generic band clamp.

Second row

Rosewood and Brass Sliding Bevel, Awl, Stanley sureform, Staley #103 block plane, Stanley #98 side rabbet plane. Stanley #95 marking gauge.

Third Row

3 packages belt sander belts, 2 6" wire wheels, 2.75" wire cup brush, dividers.

I paid 10 dollars for all of it. The tools are worth about $300.

Last but not least I picked up this golf bag

This is a Taylor Made spin-tech golf bag. The bag had 9 golf balls and about 100 tees. This bag is not made any more but new it went for about $150, I paid $5.