July 8th 2006

Well any day you have to make a stop at the old homestead to unload the truck is a good day of yard sales. Justin and Patti went along this week and we found quite a bit of stuff.

The biggest reason we had to stop by the house and unload the truck was this. We picked up a large glass topped table, 6 chairs and the cushions for $30. Looks pretty good on the deck wouldn't you say?

Below we have a 3D cell Maglite, an old fashioned cookie press and two freezable drink mugs we picked up all this for $1.50

We picked up these 4 pyrex 9" pie plates and a small photo album for $1.25

At another sale we picked up the pewter picture frames, a small cross stitch kit, a 3/4" wood chisel (still in the package) and a rafter square for $2

Most of the time I don't find books I am looking for at yard sales but I did manage to find these 9 for a total of $2

We picked up the items in the next two pictures at the same yard sale for a grand total of $15

My wife is always looking for these blow up decorations when we go to yard sales. Now mind you they are not to decorate our house. She uses them to decorate her mother,s house. Also she always does the decoration while her mother is out. We picked this one up for $5. Too bad we didn't find it before the 4th of July but I am sure Patti will find a suitable occasion for it soon.

So pretty good haul for a grand total of $56.75