June 17th 2006

Well this was a good day for yard sales. There were about 150 in the paper and pleanty of unadvertised ones. Justin went along this weekend and we were on the road just after 7am and didn't get back till noon. Even with the number of yard sales this weekend we didn't find a whole lot. If we had been lookiong for furniture we would have hit the bonanza but we weren't. I did manage to find the following:

A nice wodden mallet which is an unuasual find most of the time you just come across regular hammers. A large set of tin snips and a set of Multi-purpose Fence Pliers. I paid less than $2 for these and all in all they are probably worth $40 - $50

A 6" steel rule (Always a good find), an angle divisor (allows you to measure inside and outside angles) and a kids drafting set (always useful in the shop) I paid $0.75 for all this

I picked these 2 clamps up for a dollar. They are not anything special but as I always say you can never have enough clamps :)

I also picked up a quart of minwax stain for a dollar, a whole bunch of brand new still in the package kitchenaid kitchen utensils for $1.50 and an unopened Fatal Instinct DVD for free.

Justin only managed to find 3 CDs this week but there is always next week.

All in all a good week.