Saturday June 4th 2005

Well this saturday was a good one for yard sales. It started a little iffy as there was a little rain early but cleared up quickly. So this is highlights of what I found.

Large wall clock with pendulum movement in excellent condition - $3 I liked the looks of this clock as soon as I saw it and it looked brand new. They were asking $5 but I offered them $3 and they took it.

Click on the picture for a larger view

8 hardbound woodworking books and 4 hardback SciFi/Fantasy books - $0.50 a piece. The woodworking books were a great find as you rarely see them at yard sales. I don't usually find many SciFi/Fantasy at yard sales that I don't already own (I have over 3000 books) but when I find hardbacks in good condition for this kind of price I normally pick them up. It often lets me replace paperbacks in my collection with hardbacks and if I already have the book in hardback I can still take it to the Book Barn (the best used book store I have ever found) and trade it in for credit.

Reddy 150,000 BTU kerosene torpedo heater. This heater was in great condition and when I asked what they wanted for it and they said $8 I definitely couldn't pass it up. The shop will definitely be warm this winter.

At that same yard sale I also found several hand planes. They were asking $2 a plane so I grabbed up all of the stanley planes and one craftsman. What I got was the following:

2- Stanley #5s in pretty good condition, they have rust on them but no apparent damage.

1 - Stanley #110 block plane in basically the same condition as the #5s

1 - Stanley #220 Low angle block plane in basically the same condition as the #5s

1 - Craftsman 107-37039 Rabbeting plane. This is a exact clone of the Stanley #78 and it is in very good condition with all of the accessories.

And the Real deal of the whole day, A Stanley #2 hand plane in pretty good condition. From information provided by some of my friends at BT3Central (the best WW forum on the net filled with really great people) it has been determined that yes it is definitely a Stanley and was produced some time between 1888 and 1925. Here is a picture of the plane.

Click HERE or on the picture above for more pictures and info on this hand plane.

Well that was pretty much that for the yard sales this saturday. I did pick up a few other things. I almost always buy any utility and task lights when I find them at yard sales and this week was no different. I normally get these for a dollar or less and they always come in handy in the shop.