May 6th 2006

Well the weather this Saturday was great but the sales were just okay. I did manage to pick a few things up though.

I picked up the tools in the picture below at 3 different yard sales.

I paid $5 for the impact wrench, it had a stuck reversing valve and generally needed to be lubricated, a little tool oil and it was working just fine. The chisel is a heavy, high quality steel japanese chisel with very little surface rust. Well worth the dollar I played for it. The Stanley surform is in great condition with an apparently new blade and also well worth the dollar I paid

I found this vacuum cleaner at a yard sale for $5.

This is the second Eureka canister vac I found for this price. This one is even nicer than the last. We needed a canister vac when I bought the first one so that saved us the $450 one of these cost. This second one gives us one for both upstairs and downstairs.

I also picked Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and the game Cranium Hoopla For $2 total.

Not a bad day not a great one.