Saturday April 29th

Well this was the real opening weekend of the yard sale season here. There have been yard sales for the last couple of weeks but they have been few and far between. This weekend there were over 100 yard sales in the paper. I culled through the listings online and picked out 17 that looked very promising.

I was at the first sale at 7:30 in the morning and this sale turned out to be the mother load for the day. I went to this sale because they listed tools as one of the items in the list.

When I got there The first thing I found was this:

It is a Porter-Cable laminate trimmer it looked to be in well used but good condition so I picked it up and kept looking. The next thing I saw was this

Now normally I wouldn't be too interested in a truck box as I really don't need one. But this box wasn't empty. There were a lot of clamps and other items in it. The guy running the yard sale said he would sell me the box and everything in it for $60. At this point I asked him about the laminate trimmer. He pulled out an extension cord so we could test it and it was not running very well so he said he would throw it in. I agreed and we loaded everything in the truck.

So I imagine now you are wondering what all was i the box.

Well after I got home an cleaned it out throwing away the trash this is what I ended up with for my $60

So here is the list

  • Delta Packe-60 truck box - $185
  • 14 - quick grip clamps - $20 - $40 each depending on size
  • 2 - Bessy 24" HD bar Clamps $20 - $30 each
  • Bessy 48" LD bar Clamp
  • 2 - master mechanic quick action bar clamps probably ~$15 each
  • craftsman 48" quick action bar clamp ~ $40
  • 2 - 3/4" pip clamps $5 - $15 each
  • 2 Jorgenson 24" LD bar clamps $10 - $15 each
  • 2 Jorgenson Hand Screw clamps $15 - $20
  • 4 record Edge Clamps $10 each
  • 5 Spring Clamps\
  • Jorgenson 10' HD Band Clamp #6210 $60
  • Tape measure
  • 3 screwdrivers
  • 2 padlocks with keys
  • Porter Cable Laminate trimmer $100

Of course all prices listed are the average new prices. About the laminate trimmer I checked it out after I got it home and there was just a bad connection. I needed to replace a spade connector on one of the wires that goes to the motor and now it works fine.

I hit many other yard sales as the day wore on but with only one other good find:

This is a Stanley #8 bench plane circa 1890 - 1905 this was the largest of the jointing planes that stanley made. The plane is in very good condition with only a little rust. I managed to pick this up for $10. A plane in this condition will often sell for over $100 and one with no rust will sell for up to $200.

All and all a good weekend. Next weekend I may have company as my friend Vanessa said she would like to come along.