Saturday April 28th

Well the yard sale season is starting a little late this year. In years past this would have been the first big yard sale day of the year but because of the weather there has been a slow start. Not that this weekend was a total loss. I went to about 10 -12 yard sales and I did come across a few good finds.

All of this came from just one yard sale. This sale was one of the fun ones where there is a barn full of junk and you get to dig through it looking for treasure.

These are the items I found and I go them all for a grand total of $10

This is probably the best thing in the lot. It is a Skil model 77 worm drive saw. I had to replace the power cord but other than that it is in great condition and works great

These two pipe clamps

This sliding bevel gauge. It didn't look this good when I came across it but it sure cleaned up good.

I hit quite a few other yard sales but did not come across anything else of significance. But not a bad week overall hopefully next week will be even better.