Tool Gifts

I have received some tools from people who have read on my web site about my yard sale adventures and from friends who know that I like old tools especially vintage hand planes. These weren't gifts given any holiday or special occasion and as such I feel they deserve a place on this web site.

One of my co-workers Jason had a friend that was cleaning out a family house and came across the following two hand planes. Jason figured they would be something I would be interested in so he picked them up for me.

The first is an Ohio Tool wooden hand plane

The second was an Ohio Tool transition plane

Lisa, a person my mother in law works with picked up the following jigsaw at a yard sale her mother was having. She sent it home with my mother in law to give to me.

My co-worker Jason came across these hand planes recently and brought them in to work for me. The one on the left is a Stanley #103 block plane. The one on the right is an at present unidentified block plane.


Jason Once again came across something he he thought I might be interested in. He brought this book in the other day for me. It cronicles the use of hand tools through recent history.