Stanley #7 jointer plane

I picked this plane up for $5 from a person at work. As you can see from the photos below it had quite a bit of rust. But overall it was in good mechanical condition with no cracks braks or chips in the body, knob and tote.

This pane is so large (22" long) that the body would not fit in my electrolisys tub. So I cleaned up the body with my sandblaster. I picked this unit up at harbor freight on my last trip to Ohio and this is the first time I have used it.

The unit was fairly inexspensive at only $14.99 and I have to say it does a great job.

After I sand blasted the parts I uses a brass wire wheel to polish them up. I then recoated the body and frog, refinished the tote and handle and polished up all of the hardware. This is the final product.

Came out pretty good if I do say so myself.