Goose Neck Hollowing Tool

This is a very useful tool when making hollow vessels. It allows you to reach through a narrow neck and hollow out a vessel that is wider than the neck. Reatil one one fo these tools is about $70. The one shown below was made from less than $10 in parts.

If you have read my article about making an Oland Tool most of this will be very familiar.

To build this project you will need

a piece of cold rolled steel rod 1/2" in diameter

a 3/16" HSS cutter (see my oland tool article for sources)

a set screw

a drill and tap

a copper pipe union

The hardest part of the entire process is bending the rod. Now I cheated a little as I have a freind that works in the steel industry and I just asked him to bend it for me. For one way to do it at home check out this LINK. There are obviously other ways to do this depending on the equipment you have at home. Once you have the rod bent and cut to size you will need to drill the center of the rod to hold a 3/16" square cutting tool and drill and tap a hole for the set screw. I use a #10-32 set screw but you can use a different size if you wish. After the holes are drilled and tapped for the set screw I would suggest you bevel over the end of the tool to increase clearance. The final product should look like this.

The cutter is ground at a 45 degree angle just like the Oland Tool and slightly rounded.

You will need to turn a handle for the tool and drill it to accept the shaft of your new tool. Here is the one I turned.

This is made out of IPE and is a little thinner than I really like but is comfortable enough for all that. The handle has a 2 1/2" deep hole drilled to accept the tool shaft and the shaft is secured in the handle with CA glue.

As you can see below The ferrule on the tool is made from a standard copper union. The tenon on the ned of the tool handle is sized so the ferrule fits tightly and requires a hammer to install.


For more information on making this tool check out this site Around the Woods a good overall site for woodturning with an extensive section on making tools. This is were I got my initial information on making this tool as well as others.