1/4" Oland Tool

This tool is a slightly larger version of my 3/16" Oland Tool so I will not go into the full details of how to construct it.

The main differences between this tool and the 3/16" version are just a matter of scale. Since I am using a 1/4" cutter in this tool it requires a 5/8 inch shaft instead of the 1/2" shaft used in the 3/16" tool. The construction is basically the same. I used a 16" long section of 5/8" cold rolled steel rod. One end of the rod is drilled to accept a 1/4" square HSS cutter and has two holes drilled and tapped for set screws to hold the cutter.

The cutter is ground at a 45 degree angle and the edge is slightly rounded. The two set screws are #10-32 but you could use a different size if you want. On this tool I drilled the hole in the shaft a little deeper so a longer cutter could be inserted hence the second set screw.

Since the shaft is larger the handle needed to be larger. I still followed the basic design I used on the last oland and preserved the size of the main section of the handle just making the shaft end larger to accommodate the larger hole that has to be drilled to accept a 5/8" shaft. The other limitation I ran into was I did not have a copper pipe coupling large enough for a ferrule. I plan to pick up one in the near future.